Better not be a dead donkey

Ongoing Roles

STUDYING, still in career building progress 😉

Secretary of Communication of the Student Council, UCM, Cienfuegos

Radio Presenter/Announcer at UCM, Cienfuegos (Every Friday)

Current Projects

Writing regularly on this blog (Every Saturday)

Various Music Recordings by Flute (Open to Requests of any song; suggest to me what you’d like to hear me play by flute?)

#100Fires Series of Drawings

(100 illustrations of the things I like, all with a fire palette)

Personal Pursuits

Learning violin, singing & programming

Practicing more: a Lifestyle of Minimalism and Essentialism

Reading more (topics such as productivity, meditation, spirituality, life, healthy living, study)

Latest Finished Read: How to Think like a Monk, by Jay Shetty

*Soul searching for web comrades of similar interests/discussions/project collaborations*

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